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The Basics of Planning and Prioritizing

Do you plan and prioritize tasks in order to achieve your goals? People who have a plan of action are more likely to be more productive and successful. 

When employees have the tools and resources to execute their plans and prioritize tasks, they feel more organized and contribute more to the company.

Workshop participants will learn to:

• Understand the benefit of returning to the “tried and true” strategies for planning and prioritizing.

• Identify their self/time management concerns, strengths, and weaknesses.

• Clarify the link between personal values, life stage, roles (employee, manager, parent, friend, home manager,etc.) and the use of time.

• Use seven best practices for planning and prioritizing.

• Use a system for assigning tasks to categories depending on time-sensitivity and importance.

Note: This seminar is designed for entry-level employees who want to learn how to improve organizing skills.

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