Ducks are not hatched waterproof, and people are not born resilient!
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Maureen Orey is the President of Workplace Learning and Performance Group. An engaging international speaker, expert facilitator and executive coach, Maureen's passion is to work with business leaders to help them improve their performance so they can achieve their desired results! 

Maureen has over twenty five years of experience in the fields of leadership development, management, coaching, training, strategic planning, diversity and more. 

Are you looking to build more resilience in your business, career, or personal life? 

What does it mean to be resilient?

“Stay Afloat” is a featured program offered by Workplace Learning and Performance Group, a business training and consulting firm. Businesses and people are currently going through difficult situations, and the mission of “staying afloat” is to provide the tools necessary to build resilience during these trying times.

The Stay Afloat program will guide people through the six keys to building resilience in addition to:
  • Understanding the emotional response to change 
  • Learning the characteristics of resilient people
  • Analyze their Resilience Quotient
  • Learn how to support and develop resilience in others 

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"Maureen is a dynamic and inspiring presenter and trainer. She combines her thorough knowledge of her subject with a passion for educating others to deliver an excellent learning experience for all of her clients."
Liz Sondhaus,
Founder at