Ducks are not hatched waterproof, and people are not born resilient!
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When change is thrust upon us, it often pushes us out of a place of comfort, control, and complacency. Change introduces instability into this safe environment by attempting to pull apart the personal, social, and organizational structures that provide us clarity, direction, and cohesion.

Resilience gives us the capacity to more effectively deal with the uncertainty of this chaotic place (fear, anger, and resistance). Without resilience, the anxiety that emerges can erode our personal effectiveness and job performance, create higher levels of distrust and resistance, and decrease our ability to find the "hidden opportunity" that is essential if we are to make the change work for ourselves and the organization. Resilience enables us to complete the change journey by finding integrative solutions (Inquiry, Experimentation, and Discovery) and embracing the structures of the new world (Learning, Acceptance, and Commitment). 
Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.
--Bernard Williams